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Non-GMO Feed

Clean, whole grains, naturally.

Order Fenner Farms Feed:

  • Layer Mash - Chicken Feed
  • Broiler / Grower Mash - Chicken Feed
  • Beef Grower Feed
  • Goat / Sheep Feed
  • Horse Feed

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Our family farm produces high quality non-GMO organic feed from clean, healthy grains. Since we started Fenner Farms, we have cultivated relationships with our local grain suppliers to build a quality-assured pipeline that we trust.

Fenner Farms sources feed from our own farm and other local farmers. We supply some of our feed to a local Amish mill. They mill the feed themselves, using the finest mixture of GMO free corn, alfalfa, wheat, flax and soy.

We select only clean, whole grain that has a great smell, and good enough to feed to our own animals, and is from reputable non-GMO growers. Our proprietary feed blends are crafted to support optimal all-natural animal health and growth. Our feed contains no added hormones, no antibiotics, and no medications.