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Family Owned & Family Operated

About Us

Family Owned & Operated

We are a local family farm. Our goal is to provide our community with fresh, hormone and antibiotic free meat, along with other farm sales. Call today!


High Quality Beef

Hormone, Antibiotic, and Vaccine Free

Our goal at Fenner Farms is to provide Michigan with a better beef experience through improved taste, texture, nutrition, and value.


Cage Free Chicken

GMO free.

Fenner Farms chicken is artificial hormone free and antibiotic free, just like our beef. Ask us how to pre-order our whole and cut chickens today!


Cage Free Eggs

GMO free.

Fenner Farms eggs come from our flocks of GMO free raised and grown hens. They produce delicious eggs, with rich yolks.


Hay & Straw

We take pride in our hay and straw.

At Fenner Farms, hay and straw is serious business. Making our own Michigan hay and straw, we take pride in our product as an efficient feed and bedding source.


Non GMO Feed

Clean, whole grains, naturally.

We will no longer be offering Non-GMO Free Feed.



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